Alex was leaving his first job during Chinese New Year, he was a waiter at a street cafeteria and was very excited to serve during the festival. Before the event started, Alex had already checked the stocks, and the machines set the tables, and rehearsed what to say to customers several times. Everything was prepared for the perfect reception of the event, and thatโ€™s how it was when the event started. The festivities were high, and peopleโ€™s happiness was so contagious that it could be felt even by those who werenโ€™t present.

As the festival went on, people became more cheerful and less aware, Alex was leaning against the counter watching the fireworks and happy about the service well done, at this exact moment of festivity, a building began to collapse and fell on top of the festival, people became desperate and started to run in panic, injured survivors were being trampled by the crowd in despair, Alex amazed, became aware of the facts very quickly and went out to help the injured, he had some knowledge in first aid that could help the injured people.

Alex walked towards a crushed woman with a baby in her arms, she begged Alex to take the baby to a safe place and not to worry about her. He knew he could help both of them so he ignored her request and removed the rubble on top of her, when he started the treatments, Alex was suddenly teleported to a fantasy world. Alex arrived in this new world in total despair and let out a scream of agony that marked his arrival in this new world.

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