Lord and Archer

Inside the building that would collapse, two scientific prodigies work, they were the stepbrothers Rick and Liam, Rick was an expert in classical mechanics, while Liam was a lover of quantum mechanics, both worked on a secret government project that sought other realities in our universe.

During the festival, they made a great discovery, they managed to find a way to visualize other worlds, they called it a โ€œwindowโ€, this window was able to see beings from other dimensions, but all the life forms they detected were very unsophisticated and they boiled down to a few simple bacterias.

With Liamโ€™s help, Rick configured the window to bring in a small sample of the other dimensions for analysis, when turning on the window and mixing our realities, they heard a loud bang coming from the bottom of the building, not knowing what was happening, they turned off the window and went to see the source of the noise. When they went down one floor they saw that the building was collapsing, desperate they ran upstairs to save the project they had dedicated their whole lives.

Upon arriving at the project room they saw that the window was the source of all this and it was sucking our reality into itself, Rick reflexively jumped on top of the window in order to close the passage and save our world, Liam when he saw the situation, remembered that there was a reality that the window had seen that released rays similar to what he was seeing now, so he ran to the control panel in order to direct the window there, canceling the rays and saving Rickโ€™s life.

When Liam finally tuned in to the window, they were both teleported to the world of Cursed Stone. Rick was now dressed as an archer and Liam as a lord. They saw the other three confused youths and went to explain the whole situation. Despite not knowing in detail, this appeared to have been their doing.

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