Each class will have a different and unique role, and their abilities can only be used once a day.

The roles are as follows:

Merchant: Create a store to sell in-game items using the cart.

  • Donโ€™t have natural subclasses, but can interact to other exclusive game mechanics.

Mage: Create healing and buff potions. *Recipe book required.


  • Healer

    • Amplify all potion effects from Wizard innate ability.

    • Have more potions to craft.

    • Have AoE healling effects.

    • Potions and Skills can interact with targets.

    • Amplify group effects from other characters.

  • Combat Mage

    • Can enchant armor and weapons from allies.

    • Combat Mage is the only class that can use two weapons. (Swords and Staffs)

    • Can use magic to permanently change equipment. (Advanced scroll required)

  • Summoner

    • Can summon monsters to help in combat.

    • All summons can be affected by target skills.

    • Level of summons are defined by the skill level.

Archer: Temporarily summons an eagle that helps kill enemies.


  • Hunter

    • Deals bonus damage to monsters and apply contact effect to some creatures.

    • Killing a monster increases by 20% a drop chance.

    • Canโ€™t summon eagles, but can summon a mount that can fight.

  • Ranged

    • Ignores armor based on level.

    • Basic attack range are increased.

    • Cause bonus damage on players.

    • Eagles cause more damage to mobs.

  • Druid

    • Receive bonus effect from natural consumables.

    • Can control wild creatures for a while.

Templar: Use the Blessing Scroll that unlocks 25 minutes of double drop.


  • Cleric

    • Immunity to curses.

    • Cause bonus damage to night monsters.

    • Loses templar buff. (Use the Blessing Scroll that unlocks 25 minutes of double drop.)

    • Can bless allies. (Drastically change ally status for a while

  • Golden Templar

    • Blessing Scroll gains 10 additional minutes.

    • Increase the chance of dropping rare items.

    • Increase the drop chance of events.

  • Protector

    • Can link your shield on an ally, all damage that ally takes is mitigated and transferred to you.

    • All magic damage directed at you is converted to physical damage.

Lord: Can repair weapons using the sharp stone item.


  • Lancer

    • Spears have piercing and impact damage amplified.

    • Can challenge targets to single combat, this skill cannot be canceled until one of them dies.

    • During single combat, both players are unable to receive target skills from allies or enemies.

  • Duelist

    • Accumulate attack speed for each basic attack or ability. (Stack 8 times)

    • When reaching maximum stacks, one can use a very fast sequence of attacks that cannot be stopped for any crowd control.

  • Atalanta

    • Innate: Attack speed base is increased.

    • Innate: Melee basic attacks are transformed into ranged attacks.

    • Farther basic attacks that do more damage.

Knight: Can create status runes to increase equipment strength using raw runes as an item.


  • Berserker

    • Lower life means more damage.

    • Can only hold two hands swords.

    • Can hold two hands swords in one hand.

    • When lower than 10% of HP enters berserker mode, becoming immune to crowd control and healing by 5% of damage dealt.

  • Dark Knight

    • Innate: Has defensive and offensive status increased.

    • Has a small resistance to crowd control.

  • Squire

    • Innate: Has more damage mitigation.

    • Can force the enemies agro.

    • Canโ€™t hold two handed weapons.

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