Josh was an engineering student, but his true love was martial arts, at least four times a week Josh went to practice fencing at a Kendo gym. The gym is on the main avenue where the new year festival would take place this year, Josh decided to go train and stay for the festival, his life was very hectic and his schedules very tight, so he booked that date to clear his head and have some fun.

There were a lot of people at the gym on the day of the festival and Josh knew all of them, all them are your training brothers, after finishing their fencing training,* *Josh and his friends stayed talking for a while inside the gym before going to the festival, their plan was to get there at the time of the fireworks display, they left there a few minutes before the fireworks and had a huge surprise, when they were arriving they saw a huge building collapsing on top of the festival ending the event.

Without thinking twice Josh commanded his friends with a natural leadership spirit to rescue people from the rubble, while shouting his orders and running in relief, Josh was teleported to the world of Cursed Stone, arriving there he found himself with two swords and a different reflection from what he was used to seeing, turning his head a little he found two more youths, also dressed in medieval style.

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