The scholarship system will work as a marketplace where the owner of the characters will post his NFT for renting and players will be able to rent it from the market paying the renting fee and acknowledging the amount of % that goes to the owner of the NFT.

The system will be automated so both the player and the owner will receive it in their wallets instantly after the contract ends.

In sum, the rental contract will automatically distribute the rewards to the owner and the player, for example, 30% to the player and 70% to the owner.

There will be 2 types of scholarships:

1 ) Automated Profit Sharing

The owner of the NFT will simply put his/her character in the marketplace, he will decide the % amount he wants to receive for lending his NFT and click on โ€œRentโ€.

After that, his/her character is added to the marketplace where any player will be able to accept its offer.

The owner of the NFT can at any moment have his NFT returned to him if he doesn't agree or like the performance of the player during the days.

The profit is automatically distributed when the withdrawal is available(see Withdraw section for more info about it)

2) P2P Rental

This allows the manager and player to get an agreement and define all rules, percentages, reinvestments in the account, etc.

The owner will send his email and password to the player that will be able to play and spend tokens in-game but to withdraw only the owner having his wallet connected will be able to do it. In this mode, both players and owners take full responsibility for their decisions and actions!

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