Cursed Stone is a set of Collections with many utilities including our own game inspired by the classic game Ragnarรถk Online and combined with elements of Zelda to bring up a new, nostalgic, and modern experience like no other in the non-fungible token(NFT) Collection and game market.

The collections are built inside the Polygon/Immutable, with many IRL benefits and perks besides our game.

The Game was made with Unity Engine, combined with Blockchain technology to instantiate " NFT Characters" within the game. Players can play to win and earn tokens while enjoying the great gameplay that the game has to offer.

To earn by playing, players can:

โ— Fight in PvE mode to collect " Items " and use them to create items, refine weapons, repair weapons, and have a chance to acquire many valuable resources through daily Quest like the $CST Token.

โ— The game will have a PvP mode where there will be a ranking system with rewards for the first 500 players every season.

โ— Sieges are wars between factions to conquer castles and get rewards by doing it.

Making the game as accessible as possible to all devices, and accessible for all through the scholarships method, where players will be able to rent other players' characters and share their profits during gameplay.

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